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Crisis Management For Your Firm

Resiliency Partners will help your company or organization recover when disaster strikes. We give you personalized disaster consultation services and help with crisis and emergency management. We encompass a network of subject matter experts across a wide range of disciplines. At Resiliency Partners, we are available to help when you face the potential crises and challenges that disrupt day to day operations of your operations and pose the threat of catastrophic failure.

Kevin Schaller

Mr. Kevin Schaller


Your inquiries are confidential and all our client relationships are covered under a non-disclosure agreement. Some of our past clients will gladly provide referrals upon request, as to the quality of our services but all client names remain private. We also maintain a network of contacts that we will gladly refer your organization to, should our services not meet your needs.

Resiliency Partners provides the following services:

Crisis Management | Business Impact Analysis | Business Continuity | Hazard, Vulnerability, & Security Assessments | Emergency Operations Planning, Training, Testing, & Evaluation | Exercise Coordination: Design, Training, Execution, & Evaluation | Crisis Management: Immediate Response, Planning, & Training | Continuity of Operations | Emergency & Disaster Management | Plan Development, Testing, Evaluation, & Audit | Business Continuity Maturity Model Assessment

We provide referrals about specialized services upon request.